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Aug 22 2020

Options Trading Secret #3: Buying In the Money Calls & Puts?

Secret 3: Trade the In-The-Money Options Buying Calls or Puts: When buying a long call or put we need to make sure we have a strong opinion on which way the stock or ETF is headed in the near term. We have to keep in mind that whenever we buy an option the clock is…

Aug 21 2020

Options Trading Secret #2: Weekly or Monthly Options?

Secret 2: Weekly vs Monthly Options… Which should I trade? When talking about stock options there are many common questions that come up. Which strike price should I trade? Should I buy or sell the options? Should I use weekly or monthly options? The reason these questions can be tricky is that there is no…

Aug 20 2020

Options Trading Secret #1: Have a Trading System

Secret 1: Make sure you have a trading system in place before putting capital to work. Talk to any successful trader and you will find that they have a detailed system in place that they follow on every trade. Trading options is no different. You have to have a system in place telling you when…