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  The premier stock and option trading investment advisory with a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL. NetPicks provides the aggressive investor a comprehensive online investing newsletter advisory every trading day. Published on the internet continuously since 1996 our system uses stock investments, stock option picks and index options and is intended for serious investors who are online trading for aggressive returns.

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The IntraDayTrades, published 15 minutes after the opening bell, are short-term stock trades closed the same day. This strategy offers a mechanical approach to day trading and looks for 4% profits on every trade. The SwingTrades tend to be held on average from one to several weeks. Ideal for swing and option traders, it is a straightforward strategy that looks for 10% returns.

Online investing (medium term holding) and online trading (short term trades usually one week or less) has soared in recent years. Whether it's with option trading or stock investments or even shorter timeframes with stock day trading, there is a need for a dependable resource for individual traders to enhance their returns. NetPicks, through their stock option picks, seeks to provide you, the individual investor, with high powered strategies for active online trading. In recent years, option trading and stock daytrading have grown rapidly and provide a strategic complement to stock investments when it comes to online investing. We'll be there with you every step of the way. Request your free two week trial today. Thanks for your interest.


Note: We suggest that you read this Disclaimer since with any investment strategy there is always a risk of loss. You should be aware of these risks when trading in both stocks and options.